Android and Iphone applications

You would like to have your smartphone application developed?

Digicom Thailand can create your smartphone application, which will be available under Android and Apple Iphone according to your wishes!

Guide de voyage sur téléphone

L’application as a service

As for Sawasdee Thailand, you want a custom application to bring a new service ?.

Maybe you have a great idea, but in order to break through and spread this great concept, you must have an app?

Applications can bring you the features that websites lack: geo-localization, notifications, fast uploads, customization, etc… Contact us

The website as an app

You already have a website, e.g. type blog with many articles ?
Offer your usual visitors to download your app: they will have access to your latest articles in a few seconds!

It is even possible to integrate notifications, in order to warn your audience of the publication of a new article !.
If your website is a minimum well done, it will be easy for us to connect it to your application, and your audience will be all the more loyal !.

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Application interne de gestion

The Internal or B2B application

Maybe you have a product catalogue that you send them regularly, or the catalogue is on your website?
Have you ever thought about an application for your buyers, who could have your catalogue always up to date and only one click away?

In the same way, it is possible for you to propose an application to your employees, in order to facilitate their work and optimize your company!
For example, imagine being able to provide them with a reservation calendar, or customer invoices, all in a secure environment?

Smartphone apps