Thai Cooking Recipes – Mobile Application

Do you like to cook?

Mobile applications have become a must-have to replace cookbooks!
You always have your phone in your pocket, and it is undeniable that having an application allows you to always have the list of recipes up to date!

Welcome to “Thai Cooking Recipes” from Thai Cooking Class in its new version! But in french only!

Grouped in the form of categories, you will find some 30 Thai recipes among the most popular: Tom Yum soup, Fried rice with pineapple …

Our client has an administration that allows him to update and add as many recipes as he wants!

This version 2 brings a simpler and more refined design, with new photos. Videos are also arriving very quickly!

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Cuisine Thai : One-Page Website

Often very graphic, websites with only one page (home page, or homepage) are very attractive and are more and more common.

In this kind of site, the click is replaced by the scroll with the mouse, and the contents are linked in a fluid way throughout the page.

They are perfect for:

  • Single product sales page with better conversion
  • Introducing a small business, such as a restaurant or coffee shop
  • Highlighting an event

Cuisine Thai, formation en ligne

Thus, the concept of Thai Cuisine fitted perfectly to this concept of a 1-page website: the sale of online training!

No need for access to training or other, the goal was only to present the training, and redirect visitors to the crowdfunding campaign set up.

  • Nice full screen photo with title and subtitle
  • Concept presentation + videos
  • More explanations about the training
  • Photo gallery
  • Purchase of training
  • Contact

Updating of websites, and migrations

You have a website that’s getting a little dated and it’s time to update the content, design, or improve its security and performance?

Content update

You want to keep your website as is, but simply change some text content, or update some photos?
If it does not have a back-office (administration system), then you may not have the possibility to update the content!

It can be a simple operation for us, depending on how your site has been developed, and the changes you want to make!

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can check together !

Lifting graphique !

All as for clothing, the design of our websites have a fashion of their own, and a site with a slightly old design will surely pass for a site whose company may no longer exist!

Moreover, with new technologies and the rise of tablets and smartphones, , when we know that more than half of the visits are now made from a mobile phone ( see more according to your type of visitors! )

Whether it is for a small quick lift, or a complete change of design, consult us so that we can accompany you.

Notre équipe vous accompagne également pour :

  • A complete code redesign to improve the security of your website, but also to speed it up
  • Improve the performance of your site without changing everything (use from CDN , cache system)
  • Transfer your site to a new, more efficient server
  • Clean and improve your Database
  • Setting up backups of your site

Shanuy, connected devices

Android application for the company Shanuy which offers connected objects, like Facebook counters for Coffee shop, or connected and smart mirrors.

They wanted an app that would be used to configure their connected objects, and control them. It should be able to connect to different objects via wifi and bluetooth, but also to save and load information from the central server.

The user can add a device, thanks to a long connection by wifi or Bluetooth low energy ( BLE ) and then choose the different options he wants, like displaying the temperature, the number of followers of his Facebook page, display the time, the weather…

Everything is then synchronized at their web server, depending on the object, sent by wifi or Bluetooth.

The design is simple, in order to go to the essentials, which is the configuration and use of the connected object.

Available only for Android, the application will probably be ported later for IOS.


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  • Thai Cooking Recipes – Mobile Application

    Thai Cooking Recipes – Mobile Application

    Mobile applications have become a must-have to replace cookbooks! You always have your phone in your pocket, and it is undeniable that having an application allows you to always have the list of recipes up to date! Welcome to "Thai Cooking Recipes" from Thai Cooking Class in its new version! But in french only! GroupedLire la suite »

Deals Thailand

Discount site and booking excursions in Thailand. Discount site and booking excursions in Thailand.

Our client wanted a fast site, obviously responsive, with a very sleek design, highlighting the activities.

We developed it primarily for mobiles, because the customers of this site make last-minute purchases from their mobile, before extending it to desktop computers.

A lot of graphic work has been done in order to keep a clean design, and to highlight on the one hand the pretty photos of the excursions, and on the other hand to keep the information clear and accessible.

A “sticky” reservation form has been developed, in order to follow the progress of reading the page, and thus help with the purchase, without being too intrusive.
In mobile version, a button “sticky” at the bottom of the page remains present in order to access the reservation form.

Buttons leading to Whatsapp are easily accessible, because in last minute reservations, future customers need quick answers in order to finalize their purchase.

Smartphone App: Sawasdee Thailande

A travel guide type application for our client, who wanted it for Android and for Iphone!


  • GPS location + distance calculation
  • Sorting points to visit according to distance
  • Automatic update if Internet available
  • Categories, subcategories
  • Back office to manage all points of attractions
  • List of articles from their blog in WordPress

Find it on the Play Store from Android and on the App Store for Iphone

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand !

A site 100% tailor-made e.commerce at the request of our client: Elephant Sanctuary Thailand
In multi-language version , with a dashboard allowing content management, this ultra-fast website is optimized for SEO

The client wanted a tailor-made development in order to provide specific functionalities:

  • Automatic sending of reservations to its reservation system and calendar
  • Automatic generation of invoices and sending to the client
  • Adding to its database of emails < / li>
  • Be compatible with its payment solution by local bank card, in addition to Paypal.
  • Have an automatic follow-up system for abandoned carts by email and Whatsapp
  • Have an automatic discount system. A person who consults the same sanctuary several times without buying, will at some point be offered a reduction in order to help complete the purchase

The site aims to be very visual, in order to highlight the activity and proximity that visitors may have had with the elephants, in order to immerse the future customer in the experience he will to be able to live very soon!

The reservation form is very simple, in order to facilitate the reservation. For the undecided, direct links to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are present, in order to contact the support and the sellers.

We have also produced the introductory video which is used on the home page as well as all the photos and videos for the little Thong elephant sanctuary