Cuisine Thai : One-Page Website

Cuisine Thai, site Web one page

Often very graphic, websites with only one page (home page, or homepage) are very attractive and are more and more common.

In this kind of site, the click is replaced by the scroll with the mouse, and the contents are linked in a fluid way throughout the page.

They are perfect for:

  • Single product sales page with better conversion
  • Introducing a small business, such as a restaurant or coffee shop
  • Highlighting an event

Cuisine Thai, formation en ligne

Thus, the concept of Thai Cuisine fitted perfectly to this concept of a 1-page website: the sale of online training!

No need for access to training or other, the goal was only to present the training, and redirect visitors to the crowdfunding campaign set up.

  • Nice full screen photo with title and subtitle
  • Concept presentation + videos
  • More explanations about the training
  • Photo gallery
  • Purchase of training
  • Contact