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Discount site and booking excursions in Thailand. Discount site and booking excursions in Thailand.

Our client wanted a fast site, obviously responsive, with a very sleek design, highlighting the activities.

We developed it primarily for mobiles, because the customers of this site make last-minute purchases from their mobile, before extending it to desktop computers.

A lot of graphic work has been done in order to keep a clean design, and to highlight on the one hand the pretty photos of the excursions, and on the other hand to keep the information clear and accessible.

A “sticky” reservation form has been developed, in order to follow the progress of reading the page, and thus help with the purchase, without being too intrusive.
In mobile version, a button “sticky” at the bottom of the page remains present in order to access the reservation form.

Buttons leading to Whatsapp are easily accessible, because in last minute reservations, future customers need quick answers in order to finalize their purchase.