Elephant Sanctuary Thailand !

A site 100% tailor-made e.commerce at the request of our client: Elephant Sanctuary Thailand
In multi-language version , with a dashboard allowing content management, this ultra-fast website is optimized for SEO

The client wanted a tailor-made development in order to provide specific functionalities:

  • Automatic sending of reservations to its reservation system and calendar
  • Automatic generation of invoices and sending to the client
  • Adding to its database of emails < / li>
  • Be compatible with its payment solution by local bank card, in addition to Paypal.
  • Have an automatic follow-up system for abandoned carts by email and Whatsapp
  • Have an automatic discount system. A person who consults the same sanctuary several times without buying, will at some point be offered a reduction in order to help complete the purchase

The site aims to be very visual, in order to highlight the activity and proximity that visitors may have had with the elephants, in order to immerse the future customer in the experience he will to be able to live very soon!

The reservation form is very simple, in order to facilitate the reservation. For the undecided, direct links to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are present, in order to contact the support and the sellers.

We have also produced the introductory video which is used on the home page as well as all the photos and videos for the little Thong elephant sanctuary

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