Updating of websites, and migrations

You have a website that’s getting a little dated and it’s time to update the content, design, or improve its security and performance?

Content update

You want to keep your website as is, but simply change some text content, or update some photos?
If it does not have a back-office (administration system), then you may not have the possibility to update the content!

It can be a simple operation for us, depending on how your site has been developed, and the changes you want to make!

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can check together !

Lifting graphique !

All as for clothing, the design of our websites have a fashion of their own, and a site with a slightly old design will surely pass for a site whose company may no longer exist!

Moreover, with new technologies and the rise of tablets and smartphones, , when we know that more than half of the visits are now made from a mobile phone ( see more according to your type of visitors! )

Whether it is for a small quick lift, or a complete change of design, consult us so that we can accompany you.

Notre équipe vous accompagne également pour :

  • A complete code redesign to improve the security of your website, but also to speed it up
  • Improve the performance of your site without changing everything (use from CDN , cache system)
  • Transfer your site to a new, more efficient server
  • Clean and improve your Database
  • Setting up backups of your site